90º South  - The Antarctic Mission

Inspire - Motivate - Educate 

The '90º South  - The Antarctic Mission' will inspire and motivate a whole new demographic and generation.. 

Dwayne has set himself an epic journey, taking him from Hercules Inlet across to the Geographical South Pole, over a thousand kilometres by foot.

He will be negotiating crevasses, crossing snow bridges and making an ascent from sea level to over 3,330 meters as he approaches the Geographical Pole.

With Katabatic winds exceeding 80mph, temperatures as lower than -40c, and the threat of blinding snowstorms. This ultimate extreme endurance test is set in the stunning landscape of one of the coldest, and highest ‘deserts ‘on the planet. Antarctica.

The project is designed to develop and inspire youth to have an understanding and deeper appreciation of the geography and ecology of the Antarctic region. Dwayne will explore the greater scientific significance the Antarctic continent has on our everyday life even though we are hundreds of miles from it. 

Through social media and direct engagement with youth at both primary and secondary school levels, Dwayne will share his experiences and inspire children from all over the UK, especially those in inner city environments to have a newly found appreciation of this frozen continent. 

Dwayne does not come from the usual set of ‘polar explorers’. His is an inspirational story and his aim is that his challenge of endurance and determination will help motivate children to be active in the great outdoors.

For many inner city kids Dwayne’s story shows that anything is possible and we can realise our dreams.  His aim is encourage them to push their own boundaries whatever they may be, and to be active in the great outdoors. 

Dwayne’s mission to be the first black person to have walked to both poles will be one that will go down in history.

For partnership opportunities for this unique expedition, and to have your brand or organisarion associated with its CSR Mission, contact kevin@uncoveredlands.com

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