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“I’m so proud to welcome Dwayne Fields as our newest Scout Ambassador. Dwayne has shown huge integrity, passion and commitment in all he does – all the qualities we prize so highly in Scouting. As an explorer, he has proved himself over and over again, and as a campaigner for the outdoors and young people, he understands the transformative power of adventure.’’

- Bear Grylls



’I’m delighted to endorse Dwayne Fields, I’ve said before how inspired I am by people like Dwayne. It takes a lot of courage, tenacity and will to start a challenge of this nature, as I know myself. I love the fact that he has broken the mould, and that he actively seeks to inspire young people particularly in our inner cities, to explore the countryside and to embark on and embrace challenges of their own. Am pleased to be a supported of Dwayne and hope that, together, you and I will do all we can to help Dwayne in his goal of reaching the South Pole in 2020. ‘’

- Ben Fogle

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