Dwaye Fields' Solo Trans-Antarctic Crossing:

a Jamaican Londoner re setting the mould. 

“I want to empower and influence urban youth especially vulnerable ones, and those of social depravity who are bordering on crime and trapped within a gang. That adventure and a passion for our natural world, can be a trigger to change a life… rather than a trigger of a gun !” 

Empower - Motivate - Educate 

The Task Ahead:

This adventure is without question one of the few last epic quests left for mankind, along with reaching the deepest oceans and the frontiers of space. Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition Route is a freezing 3473 km journey from the Weddell Sea, via the South Pole, to McMurdo Sound. It is an homage to the great polar hero himself. 

Dwayne will be alone - solo - one man in the vastness of the coldest, wildest and highest continent on earth. 

He will have only his supplies and equipment keeping him alive, against the most hostile of environments on earth. 

This expedition will recast the mould and reveal that your life’s path is never set in stone...

The Motivation 

"I want to send a message to those that feel downtrodden and disconnected and that message is this: A bad postcode area or growing up in a council tower block does not, must not dictate your future. 

I am tired of seeing our inner city kids have no hope and aspirations, mixed up in crime  and their lives cut short by gang violence. This is NOT the path they need to follow. Their dreams count and with passion and determination they can become whatever they desire. 

People like me, from inner city council estates, just don’t do something like this. I want this expedition to be a hammer that smashes stereotypes - whatever they may be, regardless of gender, sexuality as well as race. It’s time to end the stigma!

People have humoured me, you can see it in their eyes, they are thinking “You don't look like a polar explorer to me”. In the expedition game, with respect not coming from a white, middle class family with a high rank in the military, is not a requirement for success.  

It's not about planting flags, rather the aim now is to plant seeds in the minds of our young people. Seeds that will grow into self-belief, aspirations and the pursuit of a personal, yet far reaching endeavour. It’s about leaving a legacy that will inspire our children to believe in themselves and not to feel suppressed by neigh sayers. 

If I can be a role model to just one kid, whose path is uncertain - then this expedition either way has already succeeded".

For partnership opportunities for this unique expedition, and to have your brand or organisarion associated with its CSR Mission, contact kevin@uncoveredlands.com

More About Dwayne

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